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Year: 2022

My latest bronze sculpture entitled The Awakening tells the story of a woman who has been beaten up and is over it!  Her gesture is a crouched position, her arms and hands over head and neck to protect her from the metaphorical and literal blows she is experiencing.  In her crouched position, she is protecting her stomach, her heart, her inner core.  Her skin is rough with deep grooves showing the scars from all her abuse and her history.  Her feet are clenched as they grip the ground and she steadies herself.  But she is not passive.  She is not just trying to protect herself and survive.  She has had enough and is beginning to get angry, to stop the cycle of abuse.  Her facial expression is one of anger as she looks back over her shoulder to warn off the abuser.  Her face and hair do not show the signs of abuse the rest of her body does.  They are the parts of her that have been most protected, and speak to her true beauty and essence.



Size: 18" x 16" x 14"

Edition:  1/8

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