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Year: 2020

Size: 17" x 11" x 14"

Edition:  1/12

Pandemic II represents the painful instances of the human experience caused by the worldwide pandemic experienced in 2020. This visceral sculpture portrays a female in an extremely uncomfortable position with her arms tied and bound behind her. She crouches in a partially kneeled position with a leg pulled upwards across her body with her head down as she turns away from the viewer in an attempt to protect herself. The closed off and protective pose alludes to how exposed she feels. The complex volumes and contours of her anatomy come through with the way her muscles stretch and contract in pain, both physical and emotional. 

The artwork provides an intriguing sculptural perspective of an unprecedented situation. It juxtaposes vulnerability with the will to fight and overcome an unexpected predicament. The physical restraints present in the sculpture alludes to the obligatory shelter in place and lockdown policies enforced. Her back tattoo will stay with her as a reminder throughout her life, just as the effects of COVID-19 remain. However, the branding also speaks to her endurance and her survival in adversity. Beauty and strength are present in the plight of the figure.

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