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Year: 2016

Ibtsam commands your attention and holds it. Her physical forms - the contours of her body and the landscapes they create as the eye travels from her lower back, up to her shoulder blades, along the nap of her neck, then over her collar bone and gently back down to her navel - are alluring and seemingly never ending.  With every turn, there is more to discover and so she beckons to you, calling you to come back for more, tempting you to further explore her. Heightening the excitement of this almost instantaneous nonverbal dialogue with Ibtsam is her energy.

She has a quiet calm confidence about her that speaks to her inner power and strength. Thru subtle shifts in her pose; the lowering of the chin so as to gaze at the viewer from beneath her brow, the lifting of her hip so as to create a subtle sway in the back, the outward stretching of her arm to gently cup her knee with her hand, she demonstrates this confidence, and flirtatiously invites you to engage with her. Her beauty lies in the way she telegraphs her inner strength and allows your eyes to wander over her like an intimate lover, permitting you passage into her world.

Fired Clay


Size: 18" x 13" x 16"

Edition:  Fired clay original with faux                           bronze acrylic finish

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