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Fire Clay


Year: 2016

Size: 15" x 9 1/2" x 9"

Edition:  Fired clay original with raku finish

"I heard the voice of God once.  It was a woman. She said 'Could you please remove your hoodie from your shoulders?'".  I smiled instantly, and made eye contact with him, something I don't typically do when I am in the flow of a piece.  The model was referring to me and a request I had made of him a couple of weeks earlier.  I thought he was flirting with me, and I enjoyed it.​

He immediately captivated me visually, and held my captivation with his undeniable personality.  He was different than any other model I had worked with before.  He was outspoken, with a strong character that he wasn't afraid to express and was seemingly reflected in his angular chiseled features;  sharp and cutting, to the point, arresting, and captivatingly beautiful.  As lost as I was in the undeniable visual intrigue of the planes and contours of his portrait, I found his forthright character to be equally captivating.  This brash and bold quality in the model seated before me was striking and in fierce contrast to my own introverted character.  He sat before me, honest and raw both physically and in his personality and I was instantly in awe of this beautiful creature who was brave enough to share his story with the world in a way I am only able to express thru my art.  He could, and would, express outright his truth without fear in the presence of anyone nearby.  This is his story and the infinite depth of his beauty.

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