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Year: 2018

Size: 8" x 15 1/2" x 7 1/2"

Edition:  1/12

Consent captures desire, passion, and flirtatiousness by unapologetically embracing sexuality. Bleijenberg depicts a female figure confident in her physical desires. Her pose is her choice, a way to show how she takes what she wants. Furthermore, her self-acceptance of who she is as a woman alludes to her power as she is not bound by any outside views and free to be herself. The sculpture’s prone position and comfortable nature symbolize her consensual involvement in seeking out her pleasure. Her relaxed posturing shown through her arms draping off the table juxtaposes her anticipation as her toes slightly curl inward. The sensual piece holds direct eye contact with the audience as her coy smile invites the viewer to come and join her. The gesture alludes to her openness and desire to engage and play. It also exalts the beauty and power of female sexuality. Bleijenberg’s piece provides a commentary on the existing societal prejudices on how the different genders openly express their carnal desires. The sculpture conveys the message that a woman should be able to embrace her sexuality without shame.  

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